Preparing for the Second Coming: Practical Steps

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How to prepare for the second coming?
How to Prepare for the Second Coming

At the heart of Christian hope lies the conviction that Jesus Christ will return, an event commonly referred to as the “second coming.”

This fundamental belief, deeply rooted in biblical teachings and historical Christian eschatology, carries profound implications for our daily living and spiritual practice.

The anticipation of this event prompts the need for a life lived righteously, marked by holiness as a requisite anticipation for Christ’s return.

Furthermore, the passion for spreading the Gospel arises from this expectancy, urging believers to share their faith and the message of Christ’s second coming with unflinching conviction and urgency.

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1. Understanding Christian Eschatology

How to prepare for the second coming?
The Second Coming is God’s promise / joshblake via iStock

Across the spectrum of Christianity, there is a fundamental belief crafted within the soul-forging scriptures and nurtured upon the foundation of eternal hope – The Second Coming of Christ.

This biblical prophecy shapes the core of our faith, acting as the lighthouse guiding Christians on their spiritual journey.

The Second Coming, simply put, is the promise of Jesus Christ’s return to earth after His ascension as described in the New Testament.

It is a divine promise of hope and redemption that beams like a beacon in the life of a Christian believer.

This monumental event has been foretold in several Bible verses, such as Matthew 24:30, John 14:3, and 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, among many others.

A Vision of Triumph: Christ’s Glorious Return

How to prepare for the second coming?
Angelic trumpets herald Christ’s triumphant return as heaven’s gates open wide

The scriptures paint a vivid picture of Christ’s return: triumphant and breathtaking.

Prophesied in the book of Revelation 1:7, “Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, including those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will lament him.

Yes! Amen!” This glorious event will unite every Christian, irrespective of their earthly divide.

Firstly, the Second Coming heralds the completion of God’s salvation plan.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, He triumphantly declared on the cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30), fulfilling the great design of redemption.

But the fullness of His words stretches beyond the cross to the promise of His glorious return – a time when divine justice will prevail, sin will be vanquished, and God’s children will experience the true joy of everlasting life.

Secondly, this belief provides a sense of purpose and direction to a Christian’s life.

The awareness that Christ will return motivates believers to live righteously, serving others with love and kindness, emulating Jesus’ life and teachings.

As stated in Titus 2:13, “While we wait for the blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ…”

Furthermore, the Second Coming is a profound source of solace for Christians enduring hardships and struggles, knowing that their present sufferings are temporary and pale in comparison to the glory that will be revealed with Christ’s return (Romans 8:18).

Anchoring Faith in the Promise of Christ’s Return

How to prepare for the second coming?
In sand’s marks, Christ’s return promise stands / Hydromet via iStock

Lastly, Christ’s Second Coming underscores the inevitability of divine accountability. Every action taken, and every word uttered will be accounted for when He returns.

This is profoundly stated in Matthew 16:27, “For the Son of Man will come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to his actions.”

This realization stirs a deep sense of responsibility among Christians to live with righteousness, integrity, and godliness.

Conceptualizing the Second Coming is akin to anchoring one’s ship of faith on the rock-solid promise of Christ’s return – a promise that permeates every Christian’s life with hope, guides their actions and choices, and fortifies their endurance against life’s adversities.

It is a beacon of light in the storm, a reminder of the unfailing love and justice of our Heavenly Father, and it is the ultimate fulfillment of His divine plan.

Hope rooted in the Second Coming of Christ is indeed an enduring hope, a promise of a dawn where righteousness reigns and love triumphs.

2. Living Righteously

How to prepare for the second coming?
Acts of charity make the Christian journey a meaningful adventure / FilippoBacci via iStock

It’s an irrefutable truth that part of every Christian’s faith journey involves preparing for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

According to scriptural teachings and central Christian belief, the return of our Savior serves as the fulfillment of God’s salvation plan, providing believers with hope, solace during struggles, and divine reward for righteousness.

But the question remains, how can individuals prepare for this momentous occurrence by living righteously?

The Bible, a faithful guide on the path of righteousness, gives us insights into God’s will for us.

Living righteously involves deliberate efforts, and daily choices to align our thoughts, words, and actions with God’s commands and principles of fairness, truth, and love.

One of the most significant ways to prepare for the Second Coming by living righteously is through cultivating a personal relationship with God.

This relationship is fostered through consistent prayer, fasting, reading, and meditating on the Word of God.

This intimacy with God allows us to discern His will, understand His precepts, and gain the strength to live by His directions.

The Role of Corporate Worship

Unity in diversity during church worship
Unity in diversity during church worship / FatCamera via iStock

Beyond personal communion with God, there’s also a call to partake in corporate worship.

Regular participation in church gatherings provides communal support, reinforces faith, and fosters spiritual growth.

In these gatherings, believers build each other up, challenge one another, and shape each other in righteousness.

Experience has taught us that living righteously is impossible without service to others.

Jesus Christ himself served tirelessly during His earthly ministry.

We are called to emulate His example by helping those in need, showing kindness to everyone we meet, and advocating for justice.

Such acts of selflessness conform us more to Christ’s likeness, preparing us for His second arrival.

Pursuing Holiness in Righteous Living

Holiness blooms through spirituality's inner mirror
Holiness blooms through spirituality’s inner mirror / triloks via iStock

Another vital aspect of righteous living is holiness.

The Apostle Peter encourages us to, as obedient children, conform ourselves to the measure of holy living that our Heavenly Father has outlined (1 Peter 1:15-16).

Christians must resist the temptations of this world and focus on aligning with the holy and pure nature of Christ.

Lastly, let us not forget the power of grace in all we do.

Grace saves us and grace sustains us.

Unmerited and endless, God’s grace enables us to strive for righteousness even as we acknowledge our weakness and struggle against sin.

Preparing for the Second Coming through righteous living isn’t a one-time event but a journey, a daily commitment to live a life that mirrors Jesus Christ.

Living righteously demands intentionality, consistency, and perseverance in prayer, worship, service, obedience, holiness, and reliance on the grace of God.

These virtues, when pursued diligently, draw us closer to Christ and prepare us for His inevitable return.

May we all strive for righteousness with gentle love, firm resolve, and unwavering faith as we anticipate the Second Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

3. Spreading the Gospel

On a mission to share the gospel
On a mission to share the gospel / PaulCalbar via iStock

This divine mission, bestowed on every follower of Christ, forms the backbone of faith at all times but assumes a more pivotal role especially as we gear up for the Second Coming.

Founded in the spiritual mandate of “The Great Commission” in Matthew 28:19-20, evangelism’s role in anticipation of the Second Coming can never be underestimated.

By taking forewords of the Gospel to the ends of the earth, we fulfill a critical part of God’s plan for humanity.

As the book of Romans 10:14 states, “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

Predominantly, evangelism shows our obedience to God’s command.

This very practice aligns us closer to the perfect will of our Creator.

Importantly, it helps us reflect His divine love by bringing more souls under the protective umbrella of salvation, thus preparing the way for the Second Coming.

Strengthening Spiritual Growth

Cultivate a strong spiritual foundation, and watch your faith flourish like a thriving tree
Cultivate a strong spiritual foundation, and watch your faith flourish like a thriving tree / fcscafeine via iStock

Furthermore, evangelism reinforces our commitment to spiritual growth.

Each evangelical encounter, every testimony shared, and every soul prayed for, furthers our relationship with God.

Through spreading God’s words, we also internalize its meaning deeper, skyrocketing our faith, and anchoring us more strongly in the love and promises of Christ, our Savior.

Moreover, participating in evangelism fortifies our role inside the church community.

As every follower of Christ steps out in faith to evangelize, we continually build each other up, contributing to the spiritual strength and unity of our church.

Spreading the word of God, in essence, becomes our collective response to God’s calling, drawing us together in a shared anticipation for the Second Coming.

The engaging act of evangelism also cultivates our character of selflessness.

In sharing the redeeming love of Christ, we practice letting go of self-interests, paving the way for God to work miracles through us.

We learn profound lessons in humility, compassion, patience, and perseverance – further shaping us into the image of Christ Himself.

At its core, evangelism enlivens us and others, magnifying the indescribable peace within our hearts, especially during the tumultuous moments of life.

In essence, evangelism mirrors the profound mercy of God – a constant reminder of His grace that sustains our faith through every hurdle and temptation.

Evangelism as Preparation for the Second Coming

Evangelism readies hearts for Christ's Second Coming harvest
Evangelism readies hearts for Christ’s Second Coming harvest / Yuriy_Kulik via iStock

As we take up the shield of evangelism with steadfast commitment, it equips us with the divine power to prevail against worldly temptations, working towards an unwavering holiness that pleases God.

Ultimately, evangelism kindles an atmosphere of anticipation and expectation.

Every soul led to Christ, every heart ignited with the love of God, contributes to the mounting excitement for the glorious Second Coming of our Savior.

It is through evangelism, that we constantly remind ourselves and others of this profound hope, thereby fortifying our hearts and spirits all the more to embrace the joy and glory that await us in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Bounded by our understanding of Christian eschatology, a life of righteousness, and the call to evangelize, we navigate our lives toward the promised second coming.

It implores us to strive for holiness, continually striving towards moral virtue and spiritual growth.

Additionally, it fuels our mission to make disciples of all nations and to share the message of Christ’s return with boldness and love.

As we continue to anticipate the day of Christ’s return, may our thoughts, actions, and words align ever more closely with the biblical and historical projections, living as devoted disciples in an expectant world.

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